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Greek National folklore traditional ethnic costumes from all regions of Hellas
Stamco in Kastoria Greece,is producing Traditional Ethnic Greek costumes stoles paradosiakes endymasies ellinikes with respect to the old fashion ways of making costumes
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  • Stamco Costumes is a legitimate business owned by Kiosse Konstantina and operates in Greece
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  • Stamco is small familial manufacturer located in Kastoria Greece

    For the last 50 years we have been interested in tradition, manufacting traditional costumes, which are exact replicas to those found in the most notable museums of Greece, using the most authentic textiles and raw materials. Greece’s cultural wealth is so great and its variety exceeds every imagination, that every area has many different versions of the same costume. Thus, we have chosen the most representative and high in demand traditional costume from every Greek region, such as the Ionian Islands, Crete, Cyclades, Macedonia and more. For many years we have been in partnership with societies and dance groups all over Greece, listening and attending to their every need. We have the capability to manufacture the simplest and most economical costumes for a children’s parade but also the most extravagant and detailed traditional costumes that a group might request. We export to countries all over world and our experience in international sales has established us as a reliable partner. In our online catalogue you will find attires true to the Greet traditional spirit, exact copies of the outfits that used to be worn in each area, both for adults and for children, which you can order instantly. You can browse through the costumes, looking at prices, offers availability and sizes.

    This site is to serve Greek Churches, Dancing Troops, Greek federation, Greek festivals
    and others who want to buy in bulk Greek Traditional Ethnic Folklore costumes

    endymasies , foresies , ellinikes stoles, our 50 years experience guarantee the best prices and service
    Prices in US$ for Overseas customers, Place an Order Request and view how prices and shipping cost are formed

    if you are an individual who want to buy one or less than five costumes please visit our online shop


All costumes are handmade in Kastoria Greece.

Wear your costume with pride.

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