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Greek National folklore traditional ethnic costumes from all regions of Hellas
wearing a Greek Traditional costumes paradosiaki stoli elliniki endymasia makes your Greek Wedding unforgetable,to the bride, groom and bridesmaids,also the visitors
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Looking for Authentic Greek Wedding Costumes Designed and Made in Greece?

Have a Look at Our Traditional and Contemporary Greek Wedding Dress Collections

When a couple decides for a Greek-style wedding, they get ample scope to experience the artistic, scientific and cultural advancements of the ancient civilization.

The wedding may be taking place in Greece or some other part of the world; you must pay adequate attention to the rituals, traditions, architectures, costumes and favor of the ancient age.

At Greek-Costumes, we have made it easier for the modern couples to select and buy Greek wedding costumes for the bride, groom and bridesmaids to suit their wedding theme and style.

Our team of seasoned designers and dressmakers make a wide variety of traditional and contemporary Greek wedding costumes at the factory located at Kastoria, Greece.

At the same time, our team of marketing and sales professionals ensures that the dresses are delivered at the doorstep of customers without causing any delay to their wedding arrangements. You also have options to place order for the costumes by choosing from a variety of sizes, fabrics, patterns and embroidery. Once you place order through our website, you can get 100% authentic and stylish Greek wedding costumes by paying the best price and availing the best services.

Why Only Greek-Costumes Can Offer You a Genuine and Pleasant Greek Wedding Dress Shopping Experience?

  • • Guaranteed best price and services
  • • Options to decide the fabric, embroidery, size and pattern of your wedding gown
  • • Designers can assist you in producing new wedding dress design from a specific Greek region
  • • Overseas customers can buy items online, and make payment in US$
  • • A wide range of traditional and contemporary Greek-Style dresses to complement their wedding theme
  • • Over five decades of experience in manufacturing Stamco Greek Costumes (since 1957)
  • • All costumes are designed and created at our factory located at Kastoria, Greece
  • • Expertise in delivering bulk traditional ethnic folklore costumes to churches, dancing troops and federations that organize Geek-Style wedding, festivals, and events.
  • • Attractive offers for individual customers and institutions

Planning to buy Greek traditional ethnic folklore costumes? please visit our online shop.

greek wedding greek wedding2 traditional wedding in greece traditional wedding2 in greece

All costumes are handmade in Kastoria Greece.

Wear your costume with pride.

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