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Greek National folklore traditional ethnic costumes from all regions of Hellas
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Estimate delivery time to USA , Canada , Australia ?
A: By Air Mail 7-10 working days to all destination
By UPS EXPEDITED Express 5-7 working days
for bulk orders SPM is faster and more economic ckeck delivery time and cost.

Q: How many days you need to send an order ?
A: All paid orders are leaving factory next working day

Q: If item not in stock what is the estimate time for production ?
A: After you place an order of minimum 5 pieces per item we need 2-3 weeks to produce

Q: Do you accept special orders ?
A: Yes; send us a photo or a sketch of the costume you want and we can produce it
there is a minimum of 5 pieces per article and we need 2-3 weeks for production (more details)

Q: Are the costumes identical with the photo ?
A: Mostly YES but sometimes is possible to present some differences in the colors that are not considered fault
The reason is that we use textiles and other traditional materials that is hard to find them exactly the same
but if there are any differences we may send you a photo of the current version

Q: Do you sell costume parts ?
A: Yes we sell any costume part minimum 5 pieces per part
just email your request, if is in stock we ship at once else 2-3 weeks for production
we can also supply you with costume accessories like knee bands , head scarfs , sash , boots
tsarouchia , sandals and many others ( browse the collection)

Q: Do you have any other costumes in your collection ?
A: Yes, on Internet we promote the most popular costumes that we produce and have in stock all year round
we also produce costumes with embroidery heavy wool textiles , pure silk , velvet , exact copies of traditional costumes
from museums; these costumes are made as special orders and the cost depends on your requests

Q: What are the sizes of your costumes ?
A: For the adult costumes men and women we have sizes XS , S , M , L , XL according to EN 13402-2 European Clothing Size Standard
for children we use sizes 2 , 3 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 10 , 12 , 14 refering to age details and measurments on size table


All costumes are handmade in Kastoria Greece.

Wear your costume with pride.

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